The Fox Hunt – The Fox Hunt EP – Easy, traditional country music

If you were worried that “all the good country music is gone” you really need to pick up a copy of The Fox Hunt EP. It’s got that feeling of your grandpa and his friends standing around the room singing the old standbys. From high tenor to natural baritone lead, these fellas have all the parts covered. What might be the most endearing thing about the album and their sound is the beautiful simplicity. I already can’t wait to hear more from them!

From the first track it’s easy to tell that these boys know how to play and sing. The lyric, “it’s easy to turn my tears into a drinking game” are about as country as the hills themselves. The plodding rhythm helps the listener connect with the protagonist’s lovelorn struggle. The harmonies have that country flavor and beg for listeners to join in… the quintessential country music bit.

“Darlin’ I Can’t Stay” is about a forbidden romance and the passage of time. It’s hard to say how much truth is in the song, but it’s definitely full of heart. “Tonight you’re going to have to sleep alone… ‘cuz darlin’ I can’t stay.” Again the balance of a simple melody line and well placed band harmonies make for an easy-listening kind of country music. The fiddle, subtle as it is, really helps to highlight this track and give it character.

“Greenbriar River” is much more upbeat, highlighting more of a bluegrass sound. The fiddle and banjo really shine on this one. Begging listeners to head out to the dancefloor, the song has limited lyrics and plenty of motivation for dancing. It’s a barn dancing song for sure.

The final track “Bigger Man” is about domestic unrest. It’s also a very heartfelt song, with the songwriter making a personal connection with his distraught father. Deep, emotional, and genre blending, it offers a nice direction for a band that should continue to develop their sound. The voices and instruments come together for a wonderful sound on this one. It’s more plodding like the first two and again packed with tons of emotion.

All told this short little EP is a nice introduction to an exciting emerging band. In the traditional and roots country worlds, there are a lot of bands that seem to follow one gimmick or another. In that climate, it’s relieving to hear a band that seems to have a genuine sound. It will be great to hear them develop into more of the phenomenal harmonies that made “Drinking Game” the best track on the album. It’s definitely a great pick for fans of traditional country music.

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