Bombs Over Nowhere

Bombs Over Nowhere is a collaborative effort between artists busbee and Aaron Espe.  The duo combines their haunting and introspective songwriting skills to create a quartet of beautiful songs available on soundcloud and on their website.  These gems are really worth adding to your collection.  There is something so poignant in the lyrics.

The first track opens up with some dreamily, distorted guitar riffs.  The lyrics are about fighting through a tough relationship. “I know that love can be a situation. I know that easy isn’t worth the fight. I’d give forever just to hold you here tonight.” Aaron Espe’s voice carries the perfect amount of confidence, humility, and emotion.

“It’s Gonna Find You” was featured on ABC Family show “The Fosters” and has fans swooning all over with good reason.  It’s a beautiful song about the enduring and persistent nature of real, true love.  The music builds gently and carries the perfectly harmonized voices into a dreamy field of swishy sea grass and blue muslin laundry hanging out on the line.

“Fallen” is the last song on their self titled EP.  I love the deep piano notes rippling underneath the vocals.  This song is like being in a rowboat on a lake full of lilypads.  This love song sings the praises of its object. “When you speak, I hear nothing but the truth.”  “It’s kind of like I’m jumping off the moon.”  “I have fallen, fallen for you, my love.

These guys are talented musicians, already in the industry (busbee guest mentored on The Voice recently which is pretty cool.) They are trying something new and it is really wonderful.  They make a great team from thousands of miles away.  I look fowrad (hopefully) to a full length album and a tour in the near future!

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