Among the Mountains–the best use of a bad winter.

I’ve discovered the sound that you didn’t even know you need–or maybe it is the sound you have been looking for.  Either way, did anyone else have a horrific winter?  Because Grayson Schick did, as did most of the rest of us.  Lots of snow? (Looking at you, Texas.) Cold? Icy? Grey? Brutal? Yeah.  But while most of us were scraping our cars and bundling up the children who we nanny to risk our lives to take them to school, Grayson was daydreaming, and writing, and creating, and recording beautiful music to get us through.  I cannot thank him enough.  


    Among the mountains is just nostalgic enough to make you smile, but not enough to make you cry.  It’s aged enough to feel rusty, but not old fashioned.  The songs are oaky and soft with a raspberry finish to them.  It’s the same ambiance as Iron and Wine but with a crackling fire casting its glow onto the guitar.  


Winter Sessions by Among The Mountains

    “Remember” is the opening track on the “Winter Sessions” EP.  It’s a song about growing up. Growing up is hard, but memories are sweet and you’ve gotten to the place where you are. The guitar is soft and gentle.  Grayson’s voice has a distant and melancholy feel.  The melody is slow and thoughtful.


    “Miss Caroline” is a bit more upbeat, while still being a sweet, slow song.  The guitar has more voice, melting into Grayson’s tones and carrying them into  your imagination.  “Drank All the Wine” is a ballad of being broken by your mistakes, desiring and trying to be better.  I love the way that Schick’s voice soars on the chorus, while keeping its soft, musty quality.  The words sing the ups and downs of addiction, the euphoria and the disappointment, the impending loss of people who are important.


    The EP concludes with “Ancient Day”.  I can almost hear the snow coming down outside.  The song itself feels almost like being audience to an intensely personal conversation between two strangers.  You leave feeling more connected to the artist at the end.  


Check out Grayson Schick’s EP here.  It might take you back to this brutal winter, but it will definitely be in a good way.

Grayson is working on a new album produced by Joshua James.  You can support his kickstarter here:

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