The Bad Suns

I legitimately like the music that I write about.  I keep most of it very close.  I recommend it to friends. I play it at my dinner parties, in the car, or when I am washing dishes.  I received an EP this week that really just blew me out of the water. Partially because I had subconsciously been craving some rock and roll for a while, and partially because they are just fantastic.  The Bad Suns are an indie rock band based out of Los Angeles.  Christo Bowman, Miles Morris, Gavin Bennett, and Ray Libby are entering their twenties with a debut EP that has made me swoon.  “Transpose” features four songs and is the prelude to a full length album due out later this year.  They’ve already been recognized by the likes of Conan O’Brian, so you should probably start loving them now before they get too popular.  Know them before they’re cool.


This is the first album that has made me really think–”hmm, I should probably start stealing my gamer husband’s headphones when I write.” I’ve never been a headphones person but this music made me feel like I was missing so much by listening out loud and not focusing the sound.  This is music I need to sit and concentrate on.  It starts to pulse in my veins.  I get into a beautiful place where the song is coursing along with my bloodstream and then the song ends.  I can’t wait for that album coming soon.


The punk influences here are obvious, but beautified, made ethereal.  There’s no grittiness, but it’s not refined into something smooth and beautiful, rather rebuilt into something raw and young.  I love all of the synthetic sounds and different kinds of drum sounds.  I love to words.  The songwriting is truly reminiscent of old school punk rock.  It’s beautiful.  I have no problem with these songs coursing through my veins and my brain all day.

The vocals are amazing.  Bowman’s voice is perfectly suited to his voice and soars from ethereal to raw in seconds.  He captures some perfectly emotive rock growls, purrs, and catches on the corners of the bars and notes of these songs.  There are subtle harmonies playing in the background which are so perfect they’re making me tear up.

My favorite song on this EP is Cardiac Arrest.  It is a really, truly great love song. There is all kinds of inner turmoil and heartbeat.  “I’ll try my best. How much do I invest? Like cardiac arrest, high voltage when we kiss.”  I’ve had this song on repeat for the last half hour and I love it more now than when I started listening to this EP on Monday.

“Salt” offers some really cool upticks in the vocals on the chorus. I love the very slight reggae feel, the more organic percussion sounds, the electric bridge. The title track, “Transpose” offers beautiful, introspective lyrics. “20 Years” is the most beautiful song on the album.  It’s smooth and a little bit whimsical, about the passage of time and building of relationship.

I could talk about this music all day. I already have planned out three or four people who I am going to force to listen to it. But I really want you to go listen to this EP right now. And fall in love as much as I have quick before they get popular.  Also–their album art is really cool and we’ll be throwing it up on the Instagram later today. They’re touring all over the United States and Canada! Check out their dates and go see them live! Thank you, Christo, Miles, Gavin, and Ray for making such a beautiful EP.  I cannot wait to cover your album later this year.

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