Anne-Marie Sanderson – Eloquence EP – Female singer songwriter with emotional new EP

Anne-Marie Sanderson’s music is dream folk, complicated, sweet, intriguing, and at times even a little sultry. Those ideas may not seem to necessarily connect, but one spin through this creative an interesting Eloquence EP and you, wise listener, will understand what I mean. This is not the average singer songwriter EP.

Sanderson’s first track “Follow You” has an actual shape tone to it. The sound feels like it is moving around in a circle. “Is this what you really want? If you don’t have me out now this might follow you…” Although the lyrics are repetitive at times, they do so to express the, “round and round” nature of the track. Really this is not average folk song imagery; it’s a wonderful emotional track.

The title track “Eloquence” has a relationship at its core. The lyrical focus of the track is that she’s borrowing words from someone more eloquent. The dreamy, airy ambiance of the song gives is an eloquent feeling in its own right. The more down-to-earth “Blue Room” is true to the folk genre. Complete with naturalist imagery and repetitive finger-picked melody lines, it is reminiscent of a much earlier era in folk music.

The intro on “Endless Eyes” is just breathtaking. From the fingerpicking to the “oohs” at the start, it’s the kind of song that would find a comfortable place in a film score. It tells a story, but it does so with both vocals and instrumentation. “I found the river and I wade right in…” It’s about adventure, seeking, and taking chances. It’s a great track to finish the EP.

Although each of the four songs takes the listener in a different direction, the album has a cohesive style that is definitely worth note. Sanderson’s vocal tone, writing style, and overall sound are a unique fusion of classic folk and even, somehow, what sounds like the classic jazz vocalists of old. Taken together, she shows a real promise for putting an artistic spin on the relationships that help define our lives. She can express deep truths in simple lyrics and emotive melody lines. This album is a great listen for fans of female folk singers, especially those with an experimental and layered element in the way they craft their music.

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