Tony Tedesco and Full Fathom 5 – Bulletproof – Sultry vocals fill Americana-jazz track

Check out this track from Tony Tedesco and Full Fathom 5. The song has a real flair to it and a lot of attitude. It is both timeless and feels new. Check out Tony’s band here.

And just for fun, follow along with the lyrics here:

bulletproof baby
take your best shot
kevlar skin asbestos blood
throw down all that you’ve got
scorch the earth ill find a place to stand
you were made to be my man

its true im somewhat unkind
but thats the price i have come to find
it costs these days in your world
just to buy myself a little peace of mind
still ill love you like no other can
you were be my man

two past life lovers
born four worlds apart
two broken pieces
one shattered heart

theres a star burning in the sky
the moon reflects its distant light
i can fight but i cant deny
im a fool bathed in blue
darling please understand
you were made to be my man

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