Best of 2013: Lisa’s Top 10 Albums

The year that’s coming to a close was a great one for music, as well as a lot of other things, and these were my favorite albums of the year.  These aren’t in any particular order, and not all of them were ones that I got to review, but they’re worth a listen (or multiple listens, as the case may be).

10. Finnders and Youngberg- I Don’t Want Love You Won’t Give Until I Cry

Smooth, crisp, and filled with life, this is an album (EP, technically) that just fit together as a whole beautifully.

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9. Shotgun Tori- Be Brave

While Finnders and Youngberg worked best as an album, Shotgun Tori has some of the best individual songs.  There’s less of a cohesiveness, and more a collection of wonderful examples of skill.

8. The Music Room- Wolves Without Teeth EP

Wolves Without Teeth is an innovative and playful piece that nicely opens the doors to more work by this exceptional group.

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7. Chelsea Morgan and the Woven Soles- Focus

Focus has just that, focus on what it takes to make a record with lasting appeal.

6. Fear of Men- Early Fragments

Early Fragments is an auditory adventure, and a wonderful way to remember a year that was filled with magic.

5. Matthew Fowler- Beginning

Matthew Fowler’s poetry and playing put together a match that warms the soul and brings good cheer.

4. Chicken Barn Heroes- The Green EP

This is another Chris Conly endeavor, and one that puts him with other musicians of comparable skill.

3. The Deep Dark Woods- Jubilee

Just enjoy this one; I have nothing to add to it.

2. Lucy Wainright Roche- There’s a Last Time For Everything

This little gem was a last minute addition, and will be one of the reviews in early 2014.  Lucy stands on her own just as tall as her father did at this point in his career, and I’d be surprised if she didn’t rise as high some day.

1. Betty Harrigan- Full Circle

Full Circle may be a remnant of my love of Celtic music, or it might have struck something in me, but these songs speak to me.

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