Delta Rae – Chasing Twisters EP

While its a little bit difficult for me to consider Delta Rae still one of those up and coming bands, it’s still true that most people haven’t heard of them. I’m sorry for all of those people. This band, especially with their debut Carry The Fire, is phenomenal and really unlike anything in music today. With a group of 5 all of which can sing and play instruments extremely well, we get haunting 5 part harmonies, powerfully sung females vocals, beautiful male vocals and everything in between all on one album.

Chasing Twisters is their first release since their debut and, while it does have 2 already released tracks, it’s still probably the best EP I’ve heard this year. The three original tracks on the album are awesome and one of the redone tracks, “If I Loved You”, a hauntingly honest song about the reality of being in a one sided relationship, has been redone with Lindsay Buckingham (yeah, that Lindsay Buckingham) and sounds even more polished. Adding in the emotional and soaring “Dance in the Graveyards” is just the icing on the cake.

“Chasing Twisters” kicks off the album with a pounding drum beat and some incredible imagery and vocals. It’s a song that starts with whistling, pounding guitar and the lines “I was born with lightning in my heel, set a spur onto my ankle, little horse under the steel.” It’s hard to feel this song and even harder not to feel like it belongs in the Old West. It’s a late entry into the song of the year race. As is “Run”, the second track, one that starts off with an almost Coldplay vibe. It’s another female led song, one that sings about running away with someone. It’s the best upbeat and rocking love song I’ve heard all year.

“If I Loved You” sounds just different enough to be worth a separate download and “Dance in the Graveyards” is great as always. “I Will Never Die”, the last track, is a song in the same vein as last year’s big hit, “Bottom of the River”. It features great harmonies, unique percussion and a sound unlike anything else you’ve heard from a band like this. All in all, some EPs feel too short and rarely can soar to the heights of an excellent album, but Chasing Twisters is the exception. It’s phenomenal top to bottom and very much worth your time.

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