Sound Bites: JD Eicher and The Goodnights – Ode to the Underdog

JD Eicher, frontman and songwriter for JD Eicher and the Goodnights, took some time to explain the meaning and process behind some of the songs off their third studio album, Into Place.

Ode To The Underdog

“I like the way this song turned out because I think it sounds like what it’s about. It’s a song about struggle, about progress, about being a little different and fighting for that. Mostly, it’s about hanging in there. I think that, musically, this song has a lot of dynamic, rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic twists and turns that help to accentuate the lyric and its meaning. It’s not a perfect song, and it’s not a song that everyone finds instantly likeable. But I think there’s something there. The song is about being an underdog, and it was even kind of an underdog itself during the recording process. I wanted it to open the album for that very reason. For our little band, and for anyone struggling to stick to their guns, I wanted it front and center.”


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