Johnnyswim Interview

We recently had the pleasure of listening to Johnnyswim and their new EP, Heartbeats. Now, we have the pleasure of asking them some questions in the middle of their very, very busy schedule. Read below to find out just what it’s like to be a husband and wife duo making music together.

What’s the fun, not news story of the start of your band and relationship?

I (Abner) cyber stalked Amanda for like 3 years before we ever met! I had dreams that one day I’d take her on a date. Years passed and now we’re in a band and married!

What’s it like performing as husband and wife?

It’s an extension of the rest of our lives like nothing else. Who we are and our relationship off stage has a massive influence on our on stage chemistry/performance and songs. And, to be honest, the stage/music/writing influences our marriage just as much. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced as a performer.

How does the songwriting process work for you guys?

People always ask what comes first “the lyrics or the melody”? And, for us, it’s neither. A song always begins with a feeling that we want the listener to experience with us. Usually a recent feeling from life or a movie or being moved by music gives us the target emotion we want the listener to have.

Do you think being married makes it easier or harder to perform and write together?

Both! HA. You can’t fake it on stage or off. You’re not getting away with anything because your counterpart knows you so well. But then it’s like having an extension of yourself as a team mate.

Now that you’re getting some more recognition, what are you most excited and nervous about?

Most excited about not having to wait tables at the moment. Most nervous about maybe having to at some point later.

What should we be listening to?

Nikki and the Dove, Foxes, Josiah Bell, Britten Newbill, Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed

What’s on the horizon for you as a band? Full length album, touring plans?

All of the above! We are in process of making our first full length album set to be released at the top of 2014, as well as constantly touring in concerts and special events (also, some commercials and more TV appearances ahead).

Any other fun tidbits, stories, advice, etc.?

Fun tidbit: We are doing this interview on our cell phone on a flight to our next gig and LITERALLY THIS VERY SECOND, a stewardess is yelling at us and seems to be about to throw us off. Sooooo… Gotta go!



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