Quick Hits: We Stole the Sun and Cereus Bright – New music in the modern folk revival

This edition of quick hits brings us two remarkable modern folk groups. One is the duo We Stole the Sun with delightful harmonies and subtle songwriting. The other is Cereus Bright, a Lumineers-esque group that could be the poster boys for modern folk. Check them out.

We Stole the Sun
-As I mentioned this duo has “subtle songwriting,” which is my attempt at a way of describing a comfortable sound that makes me want to grab a warm drink and a good book. Their sound is, frankly, adorable. It’s an infectious sound that a lot of people will really enjoy. It’s as if the vocalists voices were made to sing together. I’m eagerly awaiting a full release from these two. They have the pop chops to get their music on television shows and movie soundtracks. Keep an ear out for them!

Cereus Bright – Goldmine EP
-I describe them as Lumineers-esque because they have the same kind of up tempo, toe-tapping goodness that has made the Lumineers so successful (“Goldmine”). However, they can do the soft stereotypical folk writing just as well, especially on their band’s name track “Cereus Bright.” The lead vocals, harmony, and string work is all of incredible quality. The saddest part about this EP is that it’s just too short! I’m keeping these guys on my short list, for sure.

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