Bonus! Lily and Madeleine- The Weight of the Globe

Lily & Madeleine. The Weight of the Globe.
Asthmatic Kitty Records, 2013.

Lily & Madeleine:

The Weight of the Globe is the first EP of teen sisters Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz from Indianapolis, Indiana.  They appeared on the YouTube scene in 2012, with a black and white video of their song In the Middle.  The Weight of the Globe is joined by the White Arc Session Acoustic EP for the duo’s full discography.  They’re currently performing in the Midwest, bringing these sumptuous full-bodied pieces to a summer season that, like this music, is sweet and ripe for tasting.

The Weight of the Globe is nothing if not unpredictable.  From a Louis Comfort Tiffany clarity and shimmer to a somber haunting tale of a river, these five songs hold a breadth of sound- with equally high quality across them all- not often seen in new acts.  It may be just the cover art imagery, but I see big, beautiful, elaborate scenes when I listen to this EP, like something out of a Baz Luhrman film.  Each new listen brings a new note to the forefront.

In the Middle begins almost angelically, and holds that note for the song.  Coming on the heels of the choir is a slightly edgy, nineties-era Lilith Fair styled selection, like something from Jewel.  Back to the River is a distinctly minor key tune, but nothing like the dirge that the lyrics might suggest.  Ironically taking an up-beat, up next is Tired- the quickest paced song of this set.  To end the album, Things I’ll Later Lose is slower and more introspective than the others, but in a good way, a way that recognizes imminent losses while not mourning them preemptively.

Lily and Madeleine is a pair to keep on your radar, and look out for more good things from these two.  Good things always come in pairs, right?

Personnel: Lily (vocals, guitar), Madeleine (vocals, piano), Kenny Childers (bass, guitar), Matt Tobey (guitar, keys), Brett Donovan (organ, piano), Wade Parish (drums, percussion), Shannon Hayden (cello), Eric Arnold (tenor sax), Alex Geddes (alto sax), Alex Arnold (trumpet), Josh Lehigh (trumpet)

Tracks: In The Middle, These Great Things, Back to the River, Tired, Things I’ll Later Lose


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