Annie Dressner – East Twenties EP

Annie Dressner has an adorable voice.  Her music is small and quaint, but perfectly befitting the style of music she performs.  While I’m somewhat inclined to say she’s for fans of Ingrid Michaelson, she certainly has a style all her own.  Fans of She and Him may also enjoy Annie’s work.

She reveals painful emotions on “Heartbreaker” in a way that terrific songwriters can do.  But more than emotions, what Dressner does remarkably well is tell stories.  It’s like she’s sitting down with you in a coffee shop telling stories about life.  She’s endearing and sweet.  She just seems sincere.  On “I Can’t Forget” her self harmonies are so wonderful, then the listener is stunned to realize the song is about a lost loved one.  How sad.  But it’s a great tribute to someone.

“Flame” has a higher tempo, but is nevertheless reflective of deep emotions.  It seems that Dressner really pours herself, her depth, into her words.  They come through crystal clear in her wonderful vocal annunciation (a seeming lost art in contemporary music).  The final “Lost in a Car” is by far the best song on the album.  It’s a story nearly reflective of country music, but is of Dressner’s characteristic acoustic sound.  It is a song full of her wishes; it is a chronicle of her dreams.  The precision and sweetness in “Lost” is heartwarming in every sense of the word.

Give Annie a chance.  She’s talented.  Stop by her SoundCloud and give her some love.

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