Green River Ordinance – Chasing Down the Wind EP

There are few things that get me as excited about the release of new music from my favorite artists. Green River Ordinance is one of those bands and Tuesday had a new release from the guys from Fort Worth. Last year’s Under Fire was a stunning album that was a top 5 five album for Greg and me last year and this EP shows that the guy shave quickly picked up where they left off.

“Cannery River” kicks the album off with violins and is the kind of slow love song that they may not have been capable of a few years ago. It’s still clearly GRO, but it’s a different GRO, a more mature and self-aware style. “It Ain’t Love” is a more upbeat, acoustic song that shows that the band can harmonize better than any other rock outfit out there right now. While their style has changed, their ability to write catchy songs has not. It’s hard not to almost immediately sing along with the chorus: “If it can’t make you cry, make you mad or get you high,/ it’s just a waste of time./ Any old fool can go as far, dress it up, and play the part./ But it ain’t love if it can’t break your heart.”

“When My Days Are Done” is a slightly cliche song about how the life well lived makes one not afraid of death. It’s a list of all those things that we’re done to make a life worthwhile. A little twangier and this would have been a country song for sure. “Flying”, on the other hand, has the sound of a back porch jam complete with banjoes, clapping, tambourines, violins, and harmonies. It’s an awesome song that’s lyrics are as simple and sweet as it’s music. “We’re flying, we’re flying high./ Darling, you look beautiful.”

“She Is In The Air” is not only a great love song, it’s a song that shows that there’s hardly a band out there that can touch these guys in terms of harmonies. When all 5 members of your band can sing like this, it’s pretty difficult to go wrong. It might also be the most romantic song a rock band has written in a few years. Lastly, there’s “Fool For You”, yet another mellow love song. While this sounds like a negative, when all the songs are this good, it doesn’t really matter if they’re all love songs. It’s a song about how the circumstances are irrelevant, how love is the only thing that matters.

As the band has matured and continued to release new music, it’s easy to see their style become tighter, cleaner and folksy-er. On Chasing Down The Wind, they have fully embraced their role as folk rockers and, by doing so, have created a unique sound that has culminated in one of the best sets of songs so far this year.


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