Free Music Friday! Green River Ordinance!

I haven’t been this excited about Free Music Friday ever. Not only are we pointing you towards free music, but the free music that we are pointing you to continues to get better. After last week’s Great Divide download, we have Green River Ordinance and their newest release Under Fire. This is an album that Greg and I both absolutely loved. It was my #4 album of 2012 and Greg’s #2 album of 2012. To be able to point you to that album FOR FREE is incredible. I’m so happy to share with you all.

This is some of the best rock music you’re going to find out today. It’s a blend of southern rock (they’re from Texas), folk, and alternative rock that made the 90s such a great time for music. It’s clean, never misses an opportunity to hit that perfect note, and goes from quiet, melodic rock to stadium type anthems and back with ease.


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