Goodnight, Texas – Submarines & Plan of Attack

Last year, Goodnight, Texas and their debut album, A Long Life of Living, was my album of the year. It had a depth and range of folk music that I haven’t seen since and hadn’t seen up until that album. Two of the songs that, for some unknown reason, faded a little into the background on this album were “Submarines” and “Plan of Attack”. First off, “Submarines” is an awesome banjo/guitar song that really focuses on vocals. The riff in this song is something that literally gets stuck in my head for days at a time.

The next video in this two parter is “Plan of Attack”, a different style of folk music from “Submarines”. Here, the guys from Goodnight, Texas pick up the pace a little bit with a fun, light song that begins “Lean a little bit closer and lend me your ear, I’ll tell you something you don’t wanna hear.” It’s a song that, after multiple listens, stands out more and more every time.

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