Coming Soon: Josh Turner, Coyote Armada, and Larkin Dodgen

I’ve been a fan of Josh Turner, the YouTube guitar genius, for years now.  He is now a student at Butler University and posted a few exciting announcements, including a new college band of his.  As cool as Coyote Armada might be, I’m even more excited for his collaboration with the uber talented vocalist and songwriter Larkin Dodgen.  Her song “Rainy Day” was one of my absolute favorites in 2011 and I can’t wait to hear their new work.

Check out Josh’s comments here, including his own four part harmonies on the unofficial Indiana state song.

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  1. John Gray

    My wife and I stumbled onto Josh’s music, often with Carson, and it quickly it became our music. Later we experienced Josh & Larkin together – and absolutely fell in love with her. One thing we just really need to know – are Josh & Larkin a romantic couple, or is the comfortable chemistry between them truly that awesome?

    • admin Post author

      Thanks for the question, John. They are not. This was a collaborative effort a while ago, but to our knowledge they were not ever publicly romantically involved.

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