Free Music Friday! The Riverside, Griffin House Full Albums

Welcome to the latest installment of Free Music Friday!, where we provide you with the means to get yourself some great, FREE music, thanks to sites like Bandcamp, Noisetrade, etc.

The Riverside

Last week, we featured a great little 3 song EP by The Riverside, a folk band from Santa Barbara, California. It’s reminiscent of bands like The Lumineers, The Civil Wars, and The Head and The Heart (apparently, you have to be The something to be a good folk band). This week, after an enormous response, they’ve decided to give the album away in its entirety. So, here you go folks, free music from The Riverside.

Griffin House

Griffin House is probably most well known for his incredibly simple, incredibly catchy, incredibly romantic song “The Guy Who Says Goodbye To You Is Out Of His Mind” (which is an annoying long title). Anyway, he’s currently promoting and touring in support of his 8th studio album, simply titled Balls (which is an awesome title). So, download the new album and get a new version of the aforementioned song all for FREE.

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