Free Music Friday! Hem, The Riverside, Levi Weaver

Happy Free Music Friday everyone! Today, we’re going to shine the spotlight on a few different kinds of artists.


Hem is a Brooklyn based folk band that released their debut album in 1999, which was in a different millennium. Their new, five year in the making album, Departure and Farewell, was released this week and this download includes 2 of the tracks from that album as well as the last album, Funnel Cloud. If you’re a fan of Over the Rhine, you should definitely check out Hem.

Levi Weaver

Next up is Levi Weaver, a singer-songwriter that has a very unpolished and natural sound. It definitely sounds like he went into the studio, recorded these songs in one take, and everyone looked around and said, “Yep, that’s it.” This collection is a sampling of songs from “I Am Only a Tiny Noise”, “The Letters of Dr. Kurt Godel” and the live album, “Twenty Thousand Miles”. It’s solid folk/singer-songwriter music, and it’s free.

The Riverside

While this collection is only a 3 song sampler from the newest album, these guys are great. This sampler reminds me of the stylings and sound of The Lumineers, solid male/female harmonies and a folk pop sound that is sure to be the kind of sound that can reach anyone with ears.

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