Free Music Friday: More Josh Ritter and Josh Garrels

In honor of his new album and his previous work, Josh Ritter has released more free music for us and we couldn’t be happier. This week on Noisetrade, Josh Ritter has released Live at the Iveagh Gardens, 21 live tracks including “Change of Time”, “The Curse”, and “Kathleen”. It’s an awesome addition for fans of Ritter of fans of live music and it’s also got a couple tracks from the new album. 23 songs for free is pretty awesome.


Josh Garrels is also doing the world a favor that involves free music. For the next two weeks, Josh Garrels is giving away his 5 (?!?!) most recent albums in order to raise money for World Relief and the work that they are doing in the Congo. It’s a great cause and a great offer, so PLEASE give a few dollars as a tip and help out. There’s more info here:


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