Free Music Friday! NeedtoBreathe, Josh Ritter

Introducing an awesome new feature at EarToTheGround Music, Free Music Friday! Every Friday, we’ll be featuring a couple of free downloads that you can get your hands on. We’ll be combing through the sites we love like NoiseTrade and Bandcamp to bring you the best of the best. This week, NeedtoBreathe, one of our favorites here and soon to be one of yours too. Also, Josh Ritter, one of Paste’s top 100 songwriters and one of the most poetic and honest musicians alive today.

NeedtoBreathe “Cercas Blancas EP”

NeedtoBreathe has been making some of the best rock music of the past 10 years. There’s an incredible amount of harmony in this group. They work together in a way that defies explanation. They sound amazing on an album and they sound even better live. Luckily, you get a chance to hear both here. The EP contains “White Fences” and “The Outsiders” from previous albums (“The Outsiders” being one of the best songs of the past 10 years, no doubt). It also contains a previously unreleased demo “Happy If You Could” and two live tracks. “Let Us Love” is an incredible song, one that could define a group with it’s anthemic sound and message and to hear an 8 minute version of the song is pretty amazing. Also, a more mellow, thoughtful version of “More Time” is a treat.

Josh Ritter Sampler

Josh Ritter’s new album, The Beast in The Tracks, came out on Tuesday and we’ll be taking a good look at it soon. This sampler includes 2 tracks off of the new album, “New Lover”, a pretty incredible, honest song about his recent divorce, and “Joy To You Baby”, perhaps the new album’s best track. It also includes live versions of “Kathleen”, a very personal romantic song, and “The Curse”, an incredible example of poetry and storytelling. It’s a song about a mummy and the woman who finds him and that he falls in love with. It’s brilliant.

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