Mili – “The Red String You Can Tether”

Mili is the pseudonym of Toronto, Ontario based singer songwriter Milindra Kulugammana. The sweet voiced, capo’ed guitar stylings of this brilliant Canadian musician are crystal clear on this track, one of many off of his Convalescence. When mixed with the beautifully written lyrics about being the calm in the storm and the love that keeps your feet on the ground, it makes a nearly perfect track. You can enjoy all the tracks at

See, the truth is I’ve been over-thinking it,
Chewing words to size and mostly talking shit,
Stretching canvas over frames that just don’t fit.

Now it’s up to me, I’ll spit the truth,
I wanna live a little while I’ve got my youth,
Forgive the things I say that may come out uncouth

Many lips may taste like home,
Many hearts may seem my own,
’cause we’re all made of flesh and bone,
Kings and queens on jealous thrones.

So check off your list, he’s tall and fair and free.
He’s not haunted by the man he wants to be.
He doesn’t want you, and on that we disagree

You’ve been running ’round and ’round, it makes me dizzy just to watch,
Girl, snap out of it – the circle’s in your head.
There is beauty undefinable in every pore of you,
but you see shadows trying to swallow you instead.

If the gods love stormy weather, I’m the red string you can tether,
to remind you there’s a sunrise waiting somewhere up ahead.
There’s a sunrise waiting somewhere up ahead.

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