FREE: The Oh Hellos, The Likes of Us, Matthew Mayfield, Matt Wertz

Greg and I love music and so do all of you. That’s why you’re here. To celebrate our mutual love and the undeniable love of music themselves, a few of our favorite artists have graciously decided to give away their music for free. This is a limited time offer on most of these, so pass this on to friends and relatives and go get some free music.

The Oh Hellos

Here’s what Greg had to say in his review:From the very first chorus of the first track on this album, I fell in love. I don’t say that about many albums, but this is a truly remarkable piece of artistry. Siblings Maggie and Tyler Heath form the group The Oh Hellos, a dramatic partnership that put forth a piece of production excellence in their latest album Through the Deep Dark Valley.”

The Likes of Us

I just reviewed this album earlier in the week, but thought it would be worth posting this again. “The Likes of Us is an ambitious project, one that is both unique and feels like an old vinyl that your grandparents wore out 50 years ago. It’s a project that promises something from the past and delivers in every way possible.”

Matthew Mayfield

From Greg’s review: “What we’re consistently impressed with in his music is the incredible ability to utilize dynamics in a meaningful way.  His crescendos build to an actual climax in the song that is often met with both lyrical and sonic features.  Not only is that rare in music today, it’s extremely difficult to do in songwriting.  Being able to do all of that with a characteristic style and flavor is classic. One day people are going to look back at these years in Matthew Mayfield’s career as only the beginning.  His talent is unprecedented.  What he does better than most other artists is bend genres in an exciting way to create something truly unique.  He doesn’t mimic, but he shows influences from great musicians.”

Matt Wertz

I’ve been a fan of Matt Wertz for a while now and, if you’re a fan of pop music, you owe it to yourself to go ahead and get this free download. It’s a great album filled with catchy songs that refuse to leave your head.


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