Indie Rock Double Feature: LA’s The Rebel Light and Sad Robot

“Garage band” is usually an insult, but the do-it-yourself style of LA band The Rebel Light is part of what makes them so enjoyable. They’ve put some pretty awesome work on their bandcamp page that’s a joy to fans of the recent wave of Indie rock. If you like fun., Milo Greene, or similar pop Indie bands you just might take to The Rebel Light. What makes The Rebel Light particularly good is their pop (but still rock) sound. Take notice people.

Sad Robot is kind of a strange name, which is why I was excited to see them in the inbox. Then I heard the awesome hard-driving pop rock sound. Lead by Katherine Pawlak’s incredible vocals, this is a band that should really be on everyone’s Indie radar. Their production quality on their ReverbNation tracks is really good, too. Some might call them pop punk, but their song structures follow more of a standard rock format. The sound is so full and so awesome it might be surprising to know that they’re only a three piece band. They give the impression their live shows are probably awesome. I hope to have that honor some day if they come east.

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