Best of 2012: Greg’s Top Songs 11-20

This is an impossible task we’ve set before ourselves.  Choosing songs that are “better” than others is futile.  As I look at my already-limited list and try to make it smaller for this published list, I’m moved to emotion.  Some songs make me laugh, some cry, and many just make me reflect on someone, something, some moment in my life.  That’s the power of music.  It is spiritual and it is wonderful. For that reason, I’m going to go through with this foolish task.  This is not an exhaustive list, but for what it’s worth these are a few songs that I really, truly love from 2012.

20) Jesse Thomas – “Madeline”
-Thomas’s transcendent vocals make this tune seep into the depth of your core.  When the track turns toward a minor chord structure, there’s something inherently magical here.

19) The Widowmaker UK – “What We’re Doing”
-This is a beautiful song that I’ve listened to over and over again. It’s really dark subject matter with a very sweet melody line. The entire album sounds like this, so if you like it check out his bandcamp.

18) Cheers Elephant – “Balloon in the City”
-This track just doesn’t fit with the rest of the acoustic beauty on this list. But what it brings is a quirky harmonious wonder that I just had to include. It’s spacey in a good way.

17) Mumford and Sons – “Below My Feet”
-Mumford and Sons are one of the standard bearer bands in the folk revival. This song just happens to be my favorite off of Babel, but really a number of their songs were good enough to make this list.

16) Kate Earl – “Not the End of the World”
-One of my favorite moments this year was when Kate Earl tweeted back to us on Twitter. She’s an incredible talent and this song has a simple, yet applicable message that I need to hear nearly every day of my life. When bad stuff happens, it’s not the end of the world. She does it with so much style, too.

15) Ben Kyle – “Mercy”
-Kyle is the total package. He’s got a fantastic voice and killer writing skills. This video is one in a steady rotation of chill, introspective songs for me. I find it cathartic.

14) Ivan and Alyosha – “Don’t Wanna Die Anymore”
-Ivan and Alyosha continue to impress me with their songwriting and incredible harmonies. They’re one of the best bands in the business today. When I heard this song on Cabin Sessions, I melted. It had to be on this list.

13) Graffiti6 – “Lay Me Down”
-I think Graffiti6 is an extremely talented band. I found a number of their songs really enjoyable. I’m hoping they catch on a bit more, actually. I think “Lay Me Down” has just the right kind of upbeat vibe to be popular.

12) Audra Mae and the Almighty Sound – “Little Red Wagon”
-Let me just say that the studio version of this song is much better than this live version, but I couldn’t get one to link here. It’s got a lot of attitude. Audra Mae can really sing and write. So fun and so good.

11) Good Old War – “Loud Love”
-I feel like I’m cheating putting this song on a 2012 list since I’ve been listening to it over a year. But since it officially released on GOW’s Come Back as Rain this year, I put it here. It’s one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands, so how could I not include it here?

*For the rest of my top 20 songs, please stay tuned. They will be here soon. We’re also putting out our top 10 albums of 2012 also. If you find you like my choices, feel free to shoot me a note at either with comments or suggestions for more music. You can also leave comments on this post. Thanks for reading!

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