New Logo T-shirts!



Music Lovers!

We are excited to announce we now have our very own snazzy white LOGO T-SHIRTS.   To order one, go to our spreadshirt site.

T-shirt FAQ

1) Why are they on a separate site?

Since we specialize in writing about music, we didn’t think screenprinting was our forte.  Think of this as outsourcing, but they do good work so check it.

2) Why do they cost SEVENTEEN dollars and fitty cent?

Well, partially because of FAQ #1.  However, we’re not making very much off of these shirts.  They are essentially “advertising” for us and we’re hoping that if you do support them, you will look at it as a dime in the well of wishes… a well dedicated to helping make good music more popular.

3) Should I trust these crazy spreadshirt people?  I don’t like giving my credit card info on the internet.

Yes, you can trust them.  I (Greg) put in an order for one of these shirts myself as a test run.  It’s perty.  That’s why we’re selling them.

4) If I’m independently wealthy and would like to give you a few hundred dollars to make your shirts, can I?

Yes.  Email me.

5) Can I buy one of these, wear it somewhere awesome, and post pictures of me in the shirt on your website/Facebook/Twitter?

Yes, please do.  Maybe some day we’ll have stickers or something and reward you.

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