Early Year Albums Worth Revisiting…

Hey friends… are you new followers of our site?  Are you looking for some of my favorites that have gotten buried?  Alas, I have some of my favorite albums to share with you.  Check them out, please.  These artists are well worth your time!

Jesse Thomas – War Dancer

This is a wonderful album by a fantastic female vocalist.  The album itself bares a lot of honesty and Jesse’s vocals are really, really impressive.

St. Paul de Vence – St. Paul de Vence

This is one of the best folk albums of the year.  It tells the story of a French WWII soldier with stunning beauty.  It’s a non-skip beautiful experience.  Give it a listen on their bandcamp.  (Link on the review.)

Graffitti6 – Colours

This is the album that I cannot believe is not on the Top 40 right now.  I found it fantastic in a pop rock kind of way.  They don’t even really “fit” on this site, but the guitars and vocals are so good I couldn’t discount them based on genre.  If you’re a fan of that little known genre, “ROCK AND ROLL” you should check out this album.


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