Youtube Gems: Crooked Still

We wrote last year about The Deadly Gentlemen, an awesome bluegrass band that kinda sounds like what I imagine would happen if STOMP made bluegrass music. There’s lots of yelling and laughing and it just generally makes you happy and want to clap along. One of the biggest parts of that band is a guy named Gregory Liszt, an incredible lyricist and banjo player. Dr. Liszt, pretty cool huh?, is also a member of the decade old bluegrass band, Crooked Still. Crooked Still is really the band that we should be using as a touchstone for melodic bluegrass instead of Nickel Creek. This band is incredibly skilled, known for their incredible technical prowess and unique instrumentation. Here are a couple of song off of their most recent EP, “Friends of Fall”, including “It’ll End Too Soon” and “The Peace of Wild Things/dayblind”.


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