YouTube Gem: Delta Rae – Chain on Love

On Saturday, I posted a review of a new band named Delta Rae. This 6 piece chamber rock band can sound like an orchestra, a rock band a la NeedToBreathe, and a phenomenal power pop band. If you want it, they pretty much have already done it and, with incredible lyrics and harmonies, they’ve done it better than just about anyone else. It’s hard to imagine anyone topping The Lumineers’ debut as the best of the year, but Delta Rae may have done it.

To show you that they are even better than you imagined, they wrote a song in response to awful Amendment One that passed in North Carolina. “Chain on Love” (A Song for Marriage Equality) is an incredibly simple, logical, almost slap in the face to all the people out there, particularly in NC, that continue to spread hate. This is another great song from a band that will continue to make waves.


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