Dayna Duncan on Local Natives

 I admit that I tend not to take much notice of the itunes “suggestions” for me, mostly because they are sometimes completely ridiculous. But, as I was anxiously downloading my super-anticipated pre-ordered “Valtari” album by Sigur Ros, these dudes were suggested and I have been heavily, and I mean heavily, spinning their magical mix of music since.

Let’s take a tablespoon of Fleet Foxes, a teaspoon of Young the Giant, a cup of Bon Iver, and a dash of something you’ve never heard of but makes it all make sense…and you get The Local Natives. I’ve said it once, I’ve said it way too many times; if you have killer harmonies then you are instantly in my cool group. And you want to be in my cool group. (…She tries to convince to herself every day.)

Harmonies: check. Music that soars the highest heights, all while dillying and dallying in the deep dark valley of music ingenuity: check, check. Super cool mustaches: checkity check check. It’s earthy, grounded, dynamic, poignant, and beautiful.

Now, my only “eh” is that they tend to sound even better with their live versions of songs, which is fun and rare, but also makes me sad when I tend to want to hear the “youtube” version over the recorded version. But other than that, I really, really dig ‘em!

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