Poor Moon – Illusion EP

Take yourself back in time for a moment.  It’s 1968 and bell bottoms were hip.  The airwaves were dominated by a curious mix of West Coast surf music and folksy love ballads.  And the cars… were beautiful.  The album Illusion by Poor Moon immediately, almost supernaturally, transports its listeners back to that time.   If you wonder why they sound so much like Fleet Foxes, it’s because two of the members are actually Fleet Foxes members (Christian Wargo, Casey Wescott) and the band is signed with Subpop.

This short six song EP is packed with great music.  The first track, honestly, is probably the worst on the album.  But alas the second track, “Anyplace” is not only the best on the album, it’s a contender for song of the year.  The vocal blending is immaculate.  The song itself has an admirable subtlety to it.  It’s the unassuming purity of it that makes it so intriguing.  It sounds like something straight off of Fleet Foxes Hopelessness Blues.

“People in Her Mind” has a wonderful melody and a much more “airy” or open sound to it.  The chord progression and melody line is vintage 1960s rock.  “No one to recognize… and no one to identify the people in her life… are just people in her mind.”  It’s probably about a crazy person.  But it’s so positive and fun and upbeat.   Quirky, yes, but good.  You will bee-bop to this song.  Just try it.

The sixties twang in the guitars on all of the tracks is really good.  The vocals are great throughout and the overall flavor of the album is much like the Foxes.  We’ll be keeping a close ear on these guys.  It sounds like they are a pretty recent collaboration and with the help of Subpop they’ll definitely be taking off very soon.

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