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One of these states is Alaska. Because of the terrain in Alaska, seems like it would be a good thing for this state to allow their inhabitants to use the online gambling market. This is a state where some of the inhabitants need to use landing strips instead of interstates. There have been numerous attempts to make online gambling legal here but they have been defeated. Even though the residents may want a well-organized online poker games to be legalized in their state, the initiative keeps failing.
Even though the online gambling doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, they do have bingo.
To get online gambling established they would need a functioning gaming commission or one strong political ally.

Alabama has laws that make playing cards, let alone poker, offensive. Therefore Alabama keeps gambling away from its millions of residents. This state does not even allow a lottery. The political climate is one that keeps the people away from gambling.
In this state, the politicians say that online gambling is like crack cocaine. He thinks that the young people are particularly vulnerable. The criminal code places a deck of cards in the same category as any roulette wheels. The player is fined fifty dollars, however if you are the operator, you will be fined one thousand dollars and you will serve jail time.
In this state, it does not look like there will be any sway to online gambling in the near future.

Florida has poker within the state, however online poker is not on the horizon anytime soon. Their elected officials have made online gambling illegal in their state. By doing this, the state of Florida has forced the subscription-based poker site to leave Florida. They have a long way to go to catch up with the rest of the country.
Florida politicians have gone so far as to identify Internet cafes as a problem, even if they are only doing an electric sweepstakes.
If Florida ever moves toward online gambling there are several Indian nations, which operate land-based casinos, and they may want to be a player in all of this. In order to do this a judge would have to rule that the Indian casinos could be exempt from the law.

Georgians are inflexible when it comes to online gambling. Online gambling is not in anyone’s vocabulary in this state of Georgia. They are one of the only states that that still arrest poker players and also charge the operators of the game. This may be possibly due to Georgia being a southern state and also they have a high religious yoke.

Kansas is another one of the States, which are not allowing the residents of that state to participate in online gambling. They have laws, which have made poker machines outlawed until at least the years 2030.
Although Kansas is the home of eight racetracks, it is difficult to understand their stance on online gambling. This is because the state of Kansas is in the middle of a shift
to the conservative side of the coin. These politicians will not give the population of Kansas the ability to access the online gambling from their homes.
Getting online casino gambling banned from the state would be a feather in the cap of the politicians. Because of this conservativeness, Kansas will not generate any online gambling now. They will not let it get into the homes of the population. Even though many people from Kansas are asking when they might be able to play online casinos
The answers may lie in fairy tales. This is because most of the politicians do not care about getting the games legalized for online. This may be why poker is considered a game played by degenerates. This puts them in the same category as sex fiends and drug addicts, according to the thinking of the people who run this state.

The state of Montana has no idea to legalize online poker or gambling. The state also defines it in their state gambling laws which outlaw online gambling. While there is the ability to have poker tournaments up to $800 but this will not extend to online poker in the near future. This state has a small population base so it may be sometime before the laws will be change.

In Nebraska, online gambling is probably never going to be legalized. With the staunch person that has the most money, living there, Warren Buffet, the laws will not be changed soon. This is because Mr. Buffet is very much against gambling. Because he is worth fifty eight million dollars, that would be enough to persuade any political leader.
This state has a grassroots anti gambling movement embedded in it. They feel that to allow gambling in their state is to “Gamble With The Good Life”
Despite their anti gambling laws, Nebraska can boast running their state in the black.

New Mexico has their reasons for not allowing online gambling. They come in the form of the Indian tribes. These tribes run the casinos and have said that they will stop paying New Mexico a portion of their revenues it the online casino gambling is legalized here. The tribes have a revenue sharing agreement with the state. This agreement is helpful to both sides. The tribes pay more than $68 million dollars to the states. This allows the tribes freedom from competition.

The South Carolina Online Poker Law Dice and online cards are illegal in this state.
There are no laws in the near future for online gambling. This state also has overzealous police that want to keep making raids on people playing small stakes poker.
Getting online gambling legal in South Carolina will probably have many great hurdles.

One of the strictest states with their online gambling laws is Virginia. There were loopholes that lawmakers closed that could have opened the way for any Internet cafes. The law made online gambling of any kind illegal in the state.
The lawmakers want to protect their values of the State of Virginians they know it.
By closing the loopholes for Internet cafes that have opened throughout the southern states, the laws that were changed made online gambling specifically illegal.
Many people may want online gambling and maybe this may happen with the change to a democratic in 2013, but as of right now the online gambling card is still illegal.
Virginia will remain a wasteland to online gambling. It does not seem as if this will change any time soon.

The State of Washington is another place that makes online gambling illegal.
In fact it is a criminal offense in this state. The problem is that there are thirty-nine Indian casinos that are located in Washington. It becomes a class C felony that it is rated in the same way as a child rapist. While there are people who want online gambling to be legalized they need a great deal of signatures to do this. What is a mystery is the reason that the Indian casinos in this state are not trying to help with the decision to make the online gambling legal here. While this may happen in the future, it is not happening now.

With all of the people in the United States that own computers, it seems that with the initiation of online casinos coupled with the many people that use computers, it is hard to fathom so many states being against online gambling and how could they presume to make this decision for their constituents. They want to control their constituents online gambling.

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