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March 16, 2013

Courrier – Cathedrals of Color

Courrier Cathedrals

Here’s an album preview for Courrier, which released this week.  We’re trying to set up a review and interview with the band.  If you’re already a fan, leave us a question in the comments and we’ll try to ask it when we do the interview.  They’re an awesome alternative rock/pop band that will be sure to hit pop listeners head on.  Check it out.

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Reveurs album art

Album Review: The Reveurs – Take A Bow – Indie Rock EP in the vein of Kings of Leon

Review by Hannah of “The Reveurs” is French for “the Dreamers”, and this band fittingly presents songs that are nostalgic and sensitive without being too corny. Check out their edgy black-and-white web...
by Hannah

fermoy album art

Album Review: Silas Fermoy – Future Self – Sky’s the limit for this talented indie rocker

Reviewed by Hannah of Rock My Commute Now this is the kind of album I have been waiting for! Clouds That Dropped You is something that sounds new enough to be exciting, but familiar enough to be instantly appreciated. His pictu...
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Matt Simon’s Best of 2014

It’s that time of year again! Without further ado, here are staff writer Matt Simon’s best songs and albums of 2014. Top 10 Songs of 2014 #10: John Mark McMillan “Love at the End” There is no set category to pl...
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We Were Astronauts – Artificial Light – Thoughtful mix of rock and pop

At some point in just about everyone’s childhood, there was a deep longing to be a professional astronaut. How many telescopes were sold under this youthful fantasy? Then one day, reality reared its all too responsible head a...
by Matt Simon

Go Murphy

Go Murphy – A is A – Refreshing force of indie rock

The music of Go Murphy reminds me of my High School weekends. Living next to a college town, my free time was typically spent inside dive bars listening to various local acts attempting to have a musical break through moment wi...
by Matt Simon



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