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March 16, 2013

Courrier – Cathedrals of Color

Courrier Cathedrals

Here’s an album preview for Courrier, which released this week.  We’re trying to set up a review and interview with the band.  If you’re already a fan, leave us a question in the comments and we’ll try to ask it when we do the interview.  They’re an awesome alternative rock/pop band that will be sure to hit pop listeners head on.  Check it out.

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In the Valley Below - album art

In the Valley Below – The Belt – Pop indie fusion gold

The sheer name of In the Valley Below brings thoughts of billowing clouds, rolling hills, and ironic banjo music present in the ever-increasing number of folk rock nostalgic acts which have saturated the music scene over the pa...
by Matt Simon

Follow Apollo - album art

Follow Apollo – Muscle Shoals rockers kicking some neo-soul

Let me get right to it, this is an awesome album. If Muscle Shoals, Alabama soul music doesn’t mean anything to you… well, sit down, friend and a get an education. One of the deepest, most soulful traditions in Amer...
by Greg

fts hpz

Remember, Kids: Listen to Flower the Skunk, But Don’t Pet

The Human Petting Zoo and Flower the Skunk. Bandcamp, 2014. This week I found out the name for a thing that I had no idea had a name- uke-punk.  As in punk u...
by Lisa Regula Meyer



Moon Walks- Rusty Rube and A Bitter Barb

Moon Walks. Rusty Rube and A Bitter Barb, 2-part EP. Moon Walks/Bandcamp, 2014. (you can hear samples or buy the album here) The Moon Walks are a brand new band coming out of Detroit, Michigan...
by Lisa Regula Meyer


SPORTS- Sunchokes

SPORTS. Sunchokes. SPORTS/Bandcamp, 2014. Carmen Perry (AKA Addie Pray, whom we’ve previously interviewed and reviewed here at Ear to the Ground Music) clued me in to the new album by one of ...
by Lisa Regula Meyer



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