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March 16, 2013

Courrier – Cathedrals of Color

Courrier Cathedrals

Here’s an album preview for Courrier, which released this week.  We’re trying to set up a review and interview with the band.  If you’re already a fan, leave us a question in the comments and we’ll try to ask it when we do the interview.  They’re an awesome alternative rock/pop band that will be sure to hit pop listeners head on.  Check it out.

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The Bad Suns

I legitimately like the music that I write about.  I keep most of it very close.  I recommend it to friends. I play it at my dinner parties, in the car, or when I am washing dishes.  I received an EP this week that really ju...
by Kate Bee

silver trees

Silver Trees – She

Here is a beautiful video to go along with a beautiful song. Silver Trees is a relative newcomer to the folk scene and you can find what little they have over at Noisetrade, but until then, just enjoy this beautiful song and vi...
by Casey

run river north

Run River North – Growing Up

Really looking forward to sharing more and more about this exciting new band. Here’s a video to whet your appetites about Run River North, the latest band from out west that is releasing great new music. This song is call...
by Casey


Lake Street Dive - Bad Self Portraits

Lake Street Dive – Bad Self Portraits – New dance-inducing album is both nostalgic and fresh

The incredible quartet known as Lake Street Dive released a phenomenal new album titled Bad Self Portraits that highlights their timeless pop sound. Fusing elements of jazz, blues, and classic American rock n’ roll, the b...
by Greg

Rigbi visionary art

Guest Review: Brian McMahon on Rigbi – Visionary – Fun, thought-provoking indie pop

RIYL: Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, Maps and Atlases, and Passion Pit. “Rigbi” decided on there name in 2011 but many of them have been writing and loving music together since the late 90s. That shows itself by some of the infl...
by admin



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